Metaphorically speaking it can be said that ‘The three-Legged Stool’ supports every business. Each leg of the stool represents one of the three essential elements needed to run a successful enterprise: Leadership, Management and Communication.

However, if one or two of the legs are shorter or thinner than the other the business may not even get started or it will be out of balance, risking ‘falling over”. The more the legs differ in size, the higher the chances that the business will fail. Short legs of equal length and strength make for a sturdy stool (business). This means the business may be small, but strong.

We all know that ‘The three-legged stool’ is a metaphor for how the post-World War II generation looked at planning for retirement–often attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who created the Social Security program.

This handy term describes the various ways that three critical elements are necessary in order for a particular concept, practice or circumstance to survive. When one leg of the proverbial stool is weak or non-existent, it compromises the integrity of the entire operation, much like the Social Security program.

But, does the three-legged stool really exist today?

The answer is YES.

In this fast paced corporate world, in the case of a high performing corporate team environment, there IS a three-legged stool that encompasses Leadership, Management and Communication.

The leadership leg is a given, since every team requires that beacon who can give the proper direction, motivation and guidance.

Then there’s the management leg that works in tandem with the communication leg which, when left to its own devices, can lead to an almost chaotic atmosphere filled with infighting, low motivation and lack of effort among key team members.

However, when these two legs are recognized for the powerful combination they are, it can serve to supply a dynamic, co-active approach to solving some of management’s most challenging issues, including morale, turnover and productivity.

But how do you recognize the importance of the communication and management legs of the stool?  More importantly, how do you know you lack in one area or another, that needs immediate attention if you are aiming for a certain result with your team?

In the past it required a great deal of painstaking effort, including trial and error, guesswork and hypotheses, feedback and constant monitoring which was more often than not, a long process but with much less guarantee of desired results.

All this pretty much was dancing with the music, trying to get the team in line with the Leadership and Management team. But what happens when the music stops?

Here’s where and how we would like to draw your attention to what’s different today.

There is now an assessment, which measures exactly where you stand on the triangular spectrum of Leadership, Management and Communication. When you have the knowledge required to operate on this higher plane, it is a true game changer.

You will know how to react when conflicts arise, and even be able to head them off. You will not only have more confidence when dealing with all team members, you will also have increased insider information on how to get them all on the same dancing floor and in line with team goals, not to mention—the overall company mission.

Allow us to help you harness the power of this three-legged stool, the wisdom necessary to a much stronger 2015.

To find your undiscovered / unrecognized leg, CLICK HERE and let us help you find your true self.

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