The DLE Model



The 12th of December 2013 was a special day for me. I had received a message from Paul, the owner of a partner-company in Australia. A common friend had introduced me to Paul and I had provided some e-learning online training to some of his clients in the past.

In the month before his call, Paul realized that he had solely focused on e-learning and virtual training because that was a way to reach and serve companies in places far away from Australia. Though he was successful, his customers kept asking if he could offer workshops in person at their facilities. Paul wanted to explore how to take advantage of this demand. He decided that he needed to create a story about the situation that company and their employees would find themselves in, to get them thinking.


Initially Paul thought the easiest way to meet his customers demand was to convert his e-learning programs into workshops that members of his team could facilitate at customer facilities. He tried a few times with well-developed offers but each time the customers were shocked about the travel expenses from Australia. A new approach was needed.

Paul felt that he was not a good writer and asked me if I could help write an article for him to get started and maybe collaborate in a way that would result in a new approach of serving his clients.


I wrote an article and emailed it to Paul.

Besides attaching the article I asked him if he had ever considered a “Dual-Level-Expert-Model”? The DLE Model distinguishes between local experts that provide a company like Paul’s — easy access and low expenses – also called the “local level”. The second level, which I call as “remote level” has experts in a subject matter or field local to the client or customer, which in turn also keeps expenses lower and access easier. These remote level experts can be subcontractors or members of another team.

Paul loved the article and used it in his marketing. More importantly, we both decided to implement the “Dual-Level-Expert-Model”. This approach allows Paul to use his local experts in Australia when clients in his country or neighboring countries, i.e. New Zealand, preferred a workshop, seminar or retreat at their facility over learning online via computer.


For his clients in other parts of the world, my team and I have become his remote level experts. We can provide workshops, seminars or retreats in the United States and Europe with our experts close to the client locations.

Everybody wins.

A Silicon Valley contracting manager recently put it this way; We, as your customers win because we have very reasonable travel costs and your experts are all local, know the area and what we are dealing with. Yes, we fly in a few of our folks from surrounding states, but it is still so much easier than going to Australia.

Paul wins because he can serve his global clients without extremely high expenses – which makes him and his offer more competitive than it ever was.

My team and I also win because we have a great partner in Paul and can work with him as our second (remote) level expert team.

And now it’s your turn — you might win too.

If you realize that your organization or team would benefit from a local event – meeting and learning from great facilitators in person, location is no longer a hurdle.

I would love to hear from you and help you reach your goals. Just give us a call or email me at or call me at (+1)-805-708-6830.