Assessment 1

Introducing the MEDU Assessment—Showcasing Your Leadership & Communication Strengths and Challenges in the Context of Constructive, Results-Driven Improvement Strategies.

Spending just 10-15 minutes completing this assessment will reveal your personality in leadership/management style and your communication habits.

Based on the results you can gain the insight necessary to enhance your leadership, management and communication styles. Your improvement in these skills enables you to be more flexible to the styles of other team members and direct reports.

When you can be more intellectually nimble, it creates a more pleasurable and productive workplace, resulting in higher morale, retention and profits.

We will examine these four personality and communication style quadrants:


There are two parts to this assessment, both of which are required to generate a report.

Part 1: You will be scaling your personality characteristics based on your view of yourself. For each pair of statements you have a certain number of points to assign. As soon as you adjust the slider on one side the other side will adjust accordingly. Be sure not to overthink this process, instead just trust in its abilities to give you an accurate reflection of your style.

Part 2: You will answer a series of questions and choose one option from the four examples that fit you best.

You will then be taken to a page where you will choose how much detail you like to receive about yourself and your results:

FREE – simple report

ADVANCED – advanced, more detailed report

PERSONALIZED (most popular and recommended) – custom report with suggestions of action to take to improve yourself, your skills and your communication.

You will receive the report via email, and depending on which level you choose, you will have a new launching pad for vastly improved workplace dynamic and personal growth potential.

Let’s get started!